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September 12, 2022 (last updated September 4, 2023)


This is [a link to my website](
This is [a reference-style link to my website][1]

This is [a titled link]( ""). 

A "titled" link is useful when converting markdown to html, as it translates to hover text. E.g., hovering over the titled link above would show the popup text "".


A footnoted[^1] sentence.[^2]

[^1]: Footnote one, inline
    Footnote two,
    which is

How footnotes get converted to html is dependent on your conversion tool of choice. (As best I can tell, footnotes are not covered in CommonMark or GFM specs, see markdown for more.) Processing tools will usually append a new section at the end of your content and hyperlink to it via linked superscripts.