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A simple dictionary API. Click anywhere on this card to go interact with it over on the fun page!
Yet another machine setup repository. Or, maybe, just maybe, the last machine setup paradigm you'll every need.
Pigmig is a minimalistic postgres database migration tool.
Eor is a try-catch wrapper that returns an [error, data] tuple.
Archived Projects
An AEGLEG project. aims to be the offline-first, mobile-first home for all your reference material needs.
Arabic Alphabet Chart
An AEGLEG project. Arabic alphabet chart is an offline-first, mobile-first Arabic alphabet chart.
Now offline :(. Ludwig Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, in a nested, reactive interface, the way Ludwig (probably) would have wanted.
Binlink is a NPM package that symlinks the executables of the package.json bin key for locally developed dependencies. Binlink is intended to add to the functionality of yarn link, which (as of this writing) does not do this.
TinyTem is a tiny todo app template made to inspire quick setup for your next project.
Enframe is a NPM package that aims to be the all-stack starter kit, which in one command, sets you up with a full-stack app, everything included: cicd, environments, db, etc.
Todoozy is a trimmed down, inspiration-focused variant of Enframe.