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October 14, 2022 (last updated August 24, 2023)

I have written An Introduction to Personal Knowledge Management and walked through My PKM Workflow.

In the Criticism section of the PKM wikipedia article, it seems PIM might be the better term (and the wikipedia page for PIM is bigger):

It is not clear whether PKM is anything more than a new wrapper around personal information management (PIM). William Jones argued that only personal information as a tangible resource can be managed, whereas personal knowledge cannot (Jones 2010). Dave Snowden has asserted that most individuals cannot manage their knowledge in the traditional sense of "managing" and has advocated thinking in terms of sensemaking rather than PKM (Snowden & Pauleen 2008). Knowledge is not solely an individual product—it emerges through connections, dialog, and social interaction (see Sociology of knowledge). However, in Wright's model, PKM involves the application to problem-solving of analytical, information, social, and learning dimensions, which are interrelated (Wright 2007), and so is inherently social.