Shell Resources

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March 22, 2022 (last updated April 27, 2023)

Using and Loving

  • ripgrep - is a fuzzy search tool
  • fzf is a fuzzy-finder for the cli that also has easy integrations with vim.
  • lazydocker it's the docker client I've always wanted.
  • direnv manage directory-specific env vars in the specific directory.

Using inconclusively, or interested in trying

  • hyper A modern terminal emulator with baked in featurs like split-screens and tabs. (My hope is that it makes tmux unnecessary for local development. On that note, honorary mention to tmux.)
  • Crontab Guru - will help you with the esoteric syntax of crontab configuration
  • mosh is a mobile shell and great for roaming access to a remote shell.
  • pgcli seems to be a smarter psql with features like autocomplete, etc. I haven't tried it yet, but I am keen to try.
  • jq JSON processor. I want to try it.
  • httpie CLI HTTP client. I think. I want to try it.
  • fig A generic CLI completion tool. I wouldn't recommend it just yet, but I am still using it.